Welcome to the ACRE

The Agronomy Center for Research and Education, ACRE, is an outdoor laboratory for Purdue Agriculture. Used for field research and hands-on teaching, the 1,135 acre farm is a busy place with faculty, staff, student, and visitor activity. I am Jim Beaty. I have been Superintendent of the ACRE since 1986. With my four full time staff members, part time help, and student employees we are responsible for operating the research farm. About 53 university researchers conduct projects here at the ACRE. I plan to write about our research, visitors, and farm safety thoughts.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ACRE Safety Thought #069

Plan ahead for summer. Talk to you employees now about summer field activities. Heat and humidity can stress field workers. Both heat exhaustion and sun stroke are concerns. You should stay hydrated and take breaks more often. Protecting your head with a broad brimmed hat is smart. Check on fellow workers for symptoms including confusion. Think, plan, and work safely at ACRE. Jim

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ACRE Safety Thought #68

Watch out for congestion in the ACRE building area during our busy seasons. Add that to traffic from the Beck building and safety both driving and while walking around become even more important. Please stay aware of your surrounding and be on the watch out for hazards. Think, plan, and work safely at ACRE. Jim

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ACRE Safety Thought #067

No sunscreen equals sunburn. Use sunscreen and you won't sunburn so soon. Remember the sun is hot. Think, plan, train, and work safely at ACRE. Jim

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ACRE Safety Thought #66

Many ACRE field workers take breaks or eat lunch in the picnic area just outside the Research Building. This is a nice, centrally located place near the breakroom and restrooms, but it is also a congested area with people and traffic in close proximity. If driving remember to stop at the stop sign and expect people to walk out of the breakroom door or the women’s restroom door, so drive slowly. If you are a pedestrian then be cautious and watch out for the traffic. Think, plan, and work safely at ACRE. Jim

Friday, April 8, 2011

ACRE Safety Thought #65

As I crossed the main lane at ACRE yesterday and heard a horn honk, I decided it was time to again remind everyone about driving safely at ACRE, especially on the main lane in the building area. Remember there can be numerous people around the Research Building especially during lunch and breaks. Remember the STOP sign and to limit speeds to 15 mph maximum in that area. Also remember that the Beck building adds to our traffic load on the lane. Sometimes those drivers are not as familiar with our lane, so drive slowly and defensively especially when a group has dismissed. Finally there may be times during congestion or construction when you will need to avoid the main entrance and enter the farm from County Road 500 West. Think, plan, and work safely at ACRE. Jim

Thursday, April 7, 2011

ACRE Safety Thought #64

KA-BOOM! The outdoor disease called “Get-done-itis” plus lightening can be fatal. “Get-done-itis” sometimes affects field workers who think finishing their work is more important than their safety. Here is a True or False quiz, “Don’t stop working in your plots until you get rained on.” FALSE! This is especially false if you are exposed out in the open spaces of ACRE’s fields. Seek immediate protection inside your vehicle and proceed in when lightening is in the area. Another True or False question is, “Don’t worry I am protected from lightening by the towers or the big electrical transmission line that runs across the ACRE.” This too is false. You are still at risk from a lightening strike if you are out in the open. I have witnessed a lightening strike on the power line and the charge arced off to the ground. So if lightening is in the area just be safe and seek shelter. Think, plan, train, and work safely at ACRE. Jim