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The Agronomy Center for Research and Education, ACRE, is an outdoor laboratory for Purdue Agriculture. Used for field research and hands-on teaching, the 1,135 acre farm is a busy place with faculty, staff, student, and visitor activity. I am Jim Beaty. I have been Superintendent of the ACRE since 1986. With my four full time staff members, part time help, and student employees we are responsible for operating the research farm. About 53 university researchers conduct projects here at the ACRE. I plan to write about our research, visitors, and farm safety thoughts.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

ACRE Safety Thought #25

One thing about putting safety first in your work environment is having a good attitude about safety. Remember “You don’t know when you were too safe, but you know when you weren’t safe enough. It is an injury caused by a accident.” Put safety first. Think, plan, train, and work safely at ACRE

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